Resmed AirSense 10 Autoset

By Gavin | March 20, 2019

I want to show you about the filter, this is a standard filter that comes with the machine. If you have health insurance and you live in North America your insurance will pay to replace this once every six months.

Resmed AirSense 10 Filters

This is not washable, it's supposed to dispose it, and a lot of people what they do is when this does you can see discoloration like they start capping it, you see all the dust coming out and then they keep reusing it, and you can buy one of these things, like you can get a bunch of them.

Let me see what surprise, I saw the other day but six of them for about twelve bucks, but instead of using this, what I rather you use a hypoallergenic filter by res event. This is fantastic more than using this, can you see? This is more knit, I don't know how to say.

Let me put it this way, this captures more dust and allergens than this can, this is just my opinion. I've seen this over and over again, you suffer from seasonal allergies, you use it, you suffer from asthma use this. If you don't suffer from anything use this more than this for 12 bucks you can get six of these things.

Resmed AirSense 10 Review

If you have health insurance they'll pay for this, I think two a month, just place them here, do not wash this, and just replace it, just make it a habit every month, just change it and replace it.

I do want to show you something else, this is the SD card, it's hard to see because of the lighting, but it's there, we could attach a pulse oximeter, it can measure your oxygen level, you need to buy the extra the probes for it, and it can measure it, do an overnight oxygen study to measure what your oxygen level is while using the CPAP.