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By Gavin | August 09, 2019

I'm doing a post on the clinical settings on a rest Med AirSense 10 CPAP machine. I'm going to show you what they don't want you to know, and that's how to enter the clinical settings menu, and I'll do that first, and I'll explain to you why I did it at the end of the post. Let's turn it on.

Now if you can answer this question I need help answering it, I need that to know how to eliminate this error code. Let's see, right now I could just hit it, it's telling me to change the tubing which is not necessary at this point.


Settings on this machine of ResMed AirSence10

Normally this is the only thing that you're probably going to see on yours, and there are some options where you could adjust the moisture and different things like that if you hold. It's kind of dark here, but I'm going to hold this button here.

That's the home button and there's a button that's directly inside of this, hold both of those at the same time for a few seconds. It just went into the clinical menu, I hope that showed up, but you'll see right up at the top there's a way to exit out of the clinical main, this is going to allow you.

Now that you did that you could enter each of the same too, and go into a whole bunch more settings on this machine, see it just you may have not even known it was there, it just goes on and on and on, and then you could go back to home, and now you can go into the sleep report.

Sleep report

Let's see I had a bad mask seal and I know what happened there, you could probably look some of this stuff on the internet, so you can see my average, use how many days I'm using it, total hours on the machine, pressure, etc.

Now the problem I was having was that you see how to do this, I need to show you how to exit. You go up to here, I'll kind of twist it exit, now you're done. To get back into it press the home button and this inner setter button, at the same time watch boom the clinical.


Now you can get into it a little deeper, go back and you're out the problem I was having. Now if you look at this to ramp time, this machine is supposed to be smart enough that it knows, this is what they're telling me. It knows how much of this pressure you're going to need when you sleep.

The problem I was having when I was first put on this, if you have a leak it normally defaults from 4 to 20, and what happens is at least with me was in the middle of the night, you get a leak in your mask, only the machine may not be smart enough to know you have a leak, and then it starts to ramp up in an apparent attempt to compensate for, it is what it feels like.

Healthcare solutions company is not good service

I was waking up in the middle of the night, this thing up to like 199, feels like jet engines blowing through my mouth and nose and around my face. Once it gets up that high you can't ever recover from it, if you reseal the mask it's just like you came to go back to sleep, it's so high I initially.

Once called the doctor and had it reduced to 15, the woman's telling me on the phone and this is what you get with this company called healthcare solutions, the worst service in the world, believe me, I think they're not fit out of Florida with offices around the country, absolute war service.

She's saying the Machine knows what numbers you need, if it's set from 4 to 20, it's automatically going to go to that, I said in theory that sounds like it's correct, but it's not true, so I had the machine reduced to 15, and once I saw how they did it and actually didn't show me how they did it, they did it kind of sly bear.

How to get into his clinical menu

When I took it to him that thanks to the internet and a company or a website called apnea boards or something like that, I found somebody from Australia, I think that posted how to get into his clinical menu. Let's get back into the clinical million and it's starting to improve settings.

Let's see right here under max pressure, see if it shows up max pressure, right now I have said on eleven, and another thing that was happening was when I first put the mask on it was like suffocating me almost, because I wasn't getting enough air at four, and I'm slowly getting used to it.

You could set this for two for three, so I wanted to head it up to almost five, but then I backed it up, and now at the max pressure of eleven to spray somebody watching this, telling me I need a mask fitting. I probably went through a ton of these masks already.

How they could probably control it remotely

Let's see the maximum pressure is at 11 right now, let me see maybe does not show enough, there are Knox pressures at 11, it will only go between 4 2 and 11 no matter how much it leaks, see then you can set this. I put on 11 and it's helping me become more compliant with the device.

Remember to exit, click up here, press the center button, and you're out, you're back to it, and just figured, I'd show you that, so if you think you're competent enough to deal with this, the problem with these things is how they could probably control it remotely and trying to get something done.

Like I said, with the healthcare solutions is next to impossible, so you have to call your doctor and some of your doctors call them, and they may eventually get around to it, but my guess is they probably won't, but at least now how to do it, and if you fish around in there, and you screw it up, so bad.

Could start from Ground Zero again

You don't know what you're going, there's a way to take it back to the default city, and in other words, you could start from Ground Zero again, and it's in there, and hopefully you'll figure it out, anyway, I want to get this post up about the rest meant AirSense, and tell you about the Porsche service of health care solutions.

I think the name is out of Florida alright, I hope you enjoyed it, let me see if I can show you my mask, this is it, here as the headpiece on it, and it kind of as the night goes on, and you start getting leaks, you could crank it tighter and tighter here, but on that don't think that leak right there, from last night is indicative, I've actually had good results lowering the pressure down on it, that's it.

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