Changing the Pressure of a ResMed AirSense 10 Autoset

By Gavin | August 09, 2019

I'm going to show you how to change the pressure of an AirSense 10 ResNet Autoset, actually, I'm not going to show you how to change it. I hear that's illegal, I'm going to do is I'm going to have my buddy to show you how to do it.


Select that comfort setting

I'm going to show you how to change pressure, this is the AirSense 10. Let's get down to it, here we have our machine, and what we're going to do is push down on the home button and the power button for 3 seconds. Now you can see right here this icon shows unlocked, so we are now in the clinical menu and you control everything in here with this dial.

We're going to be pushing in on settings, and you can go mode auto set, you can switch it to CPAP if you want. We're not going to right now, we'll cancel that, you can change the max pressure by selecting it and twisting selecting form in pressure and twisting.

Now you can change your mask. Do you have full face mask nasal or pillows? You can select that comfort setting, you have the ramp time, you can change the amount of time where the machine will ramp up. If you choose to use the ramp setting you also can change the starting pressure of the ramp now.

EPR is an expiratory pressure relief

EPR is expiratory pressure relief, this is when you exhale, and it will dip the pressure, and this is once the imminent center of water pressure, now you can enable this or disable it, but when it's enabled you have to exit the clinical menu and go into the comfort settings.


On just the user settings to set the number, but will go ahead and keep it on, but a word to the wise, just use this for about the first month or so, and turn it off, and it seems like it can cause central apneas.

Since when we turn it off those tend to go away, so EPR type you can have it only active during the ramp segment, which is kind of cool if you use a ramp or you can have it on full-time throughout the study. But I'm sorry you can do it right here, I thought you could just do it the other section, anyway, you can.

Can select simmers water pressure or as everyone's favorite

This is one stem underwater pressure decrease, this is 2 centimeters of water pressure decrease, this is 3 centimeters lower pressure decrease. Now you have the humidity level of your humidifier goes up pretty stinking high, and then we just start mid-range 3 or 4 to get started.

If you're new to this and adjust it from there, what kind of to being standard or you have the slimline heated tubing? Whatever you have entered that, so it enables everything and antibacterial filter, do you have one in there? Yes or no? Why do I need to put that in a smart start? When you put the mask on and just start breathing it'll turn on automatically, and that's on, you can turn it off.

If you want mask reminders, stuff like that, English, you can check to select your language, you can select the date the time, you can have it in simmers water pressure or as everyone's favorite, the old HPA, google HPA. You can have this selected for Fahrenheit or Celsius, where you can erase the data from the data card.

Do need to have some data behind it

Thanks for that Glen, I appreciate that, in all seriousness don't just be changing or pressure willy nilly, it's not advisable, if you have too little, maybe you think the pressure is too high for you, you turn the pressure down, likely, you won't be getting the right amount of pressure.


It's kind of like a moot point and even using it, if you don't have enough pressuring upper airway arrow is going to collapse, you're still going to wake up, flips out of that. It's like you're not getting enough air, you just turn it up, just cuz if you have too much air pressure throws off your co2 balance, and so you could start having central apnea, is also not good.

So you do need to have some data behind it, if you're using this machine a program called sleepy head is available, you can look at the data there and see what seems to work. You can see if your current pressure is not working, you can see what is working.

Keep in contact with your healthcare provider

If you do make some subtle changes again I want to reiterate, please try going through your doctor first, try going through conventional channels first, your doctor knows your entire medical history. If you are going to be making changes you fess it up to your doctor, say 'hey, I can't wait that long, I'm going to make some changes. ' Just let them know, keep them in the loop.

If it's completely unadvisable they will let you know, it's very important to keep you know, keep in contact with your healthcare provider. I know a lot of you have really bad experiences with them, I understand that, but you got to at least try, it's just the smart thing to do.

This is your health and granted is just air pressure, but just our pressure can cause some problems.

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